About Microworks

? Company About Microworks
We try our best to offer Good Price
Good Delivery and Good Quality

MicroworksKorea Co., Ltd. is established in 2007 by the experts who
have more than 20 years of experience in global semiconductor industry.
We have the headquarter in South Korea and 5 different branches
abroad with continuously expanding the business with many of valuable
domestic and overseas customers.
We've been providing electronic components to all areas such as automotive,
medical devices, defense industry, robot, network market keeping one principle
to provide only reliable product in cooperation with 100% verified vendors
over the world.
We will keep growing as an electronic trader and components developer based
on our trustful relationship with our customer.
Your sincere encouragement and advice will be highly appreciated.
Thank you.


  • Urgent Stock Sourcing
  • Schedule Order
  • R&D Supporting
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Turn-key


  • Based on Vendor Verification Program
  • Strict Vendor Audits
  • Using Huge Systematic Database
  • Excess Stock Buying
  • 20 Years Experienced Human Resources

Why Microworks?

Experienced People
- 20 years experienced human resources who worked for global Top 5 companies
   make comfortable buying for you.
Source hard to find parts and quality products
- You finally can buy hidden stock by using our systematic database and
   it also can help us to verify the part's quality.
Reliable Suppliers
- Source the parts from verified suppliers based on Vendor Verification Program
- You can have the answer within 12 hours